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These CHEF INSPIRED Seasonings began as a result of a need in Commercial Food Service where a more natural flavor was required, reduced salt was also an important requirement and so was NO Artificial Additives or fillers.

After this need was satisfied people started asking for a completely NO SALT or SODIUM SEASONING BUT ONE THAT HAD ALL THE FLAVOR OF OUR REGULAR SEASONINGS.

This Goal has been achieved! Our No Salt Seasoning is specifically blended with no Sodium, MSG, artificial flavorings or preservatives.

Wanting the almost impossible, Restaurants and Grocery Store Delis asked for a smoke flavor without the use of any artificial flavourings The result is a seasoning that remains a healthy choice with great flavour that tastes like it came from a SMOKEHOUSE.

Zero is made especially for heart patients or for people with high blood pressure, Hypertension or for people who feel they already get too much salt in their regular diet. Giving up salt does NOT Mean GIVING UP TASTE!

Mega Flavor without SALT, SODIUM, M.S.G. or FILLERS of any kind
Think “ Z E R O ” just for the H E A L T H of it.

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